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Services Offered

Service Repairs

Power Surges
Buzzing Outlets
Tripped Circuits
Outlet Repairs
Electric Panel Repairs
Power Outages
Flickering Lights
Electrical Troubleshooting
Wiring Repairs
Electrical Circuit Repairs
Electrical Switch Repairs

Service Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades
Replacement of Circuit Breakers


Electric Generators
Standby Generators
Diesel Generators
Power Generators
Backup Generators
Residential Generators
Gas Generators
Portable Generators
Propane Generators
Generator Installation
Generator Maintenance
Generator Service

Residential & Commercial Services

New Construction
Electrical Service Upgrades
Standby Generators (portable and permanent)
Home Inspections
Pool and Hot Tub Electrical Installations
Code Violation Repairs
Appliance Electrical Power
Lighting Design and Installation (interior & landscape)
Additions to Existing Wiring
Power Circuitry for HVAC
Occupancy Sensors
Lighting Controls
Energy Audits

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